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who said living in the past was a bad thing anyhow?

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Poem – Oh Fly, Paper Moon By Melissa Filbeck

Oh fly paper moon, with your golden glow and mysterious shadows.
Fly high above our heads, dangling hope just out of reach.
Engaging those who long for your embrace.
Offering your warmth and gilded aura,
Your radiance shines down and lights thy darkened path.
Oh winding path, with your snarls and snares.
You have no choice but to surrender as the light encompasses your darkness.
For your way is not marked with light until the paper moon flies.
So where then do you lead, oh winding pathway?
Does one even have a chance of finding their way with you?
Ah, but no! For your desire is to keep thee hidden; to foil the embrace.
So then paper moon, it is you I truly seek.
Although I am bound to heed this path, I am compelled to find your face.
I reach for the hope you offer and it will, with your favor, be obtained.
Oh paper moon keep lighting my way, as thy path must still be unwound.
But as my face seeks your warmth and my heart seeks your grace,
Remember it’s you for whom I long, oh sweet, sweet paper moon.